Our guiding philosophy is simple in statement and complex in delivery. We will not accept any client or assignment that we do not know we can complete on time, on budget, and as promised. Our goal is to turn every client into a cheerleader for Rishel Consulting Group and the services we offer, and to do that client satisfaction must be our overriding goal. We also will not advocate any direction or practice that does not benefit the client in both the short and long term, nor will we advocate any unethical or illegal methods or practices.

Our motto has long been, “There are no easy answers but there are intelligent solutions.” meaning that finding the right solutions is almost never easy, and that answers that are easy are almost never the right solution. We are committed to partnering with our clients to develop and forge solutions that deliver what our clients need and want for problems they are incurring.

Assisting ownership by identifying and solving problems is the core of our offerings to those engaged in chattel finance or personal property finance. We have a team of experts available over the telephone or in person to help with a wide variety of needs as it relates to captive finance. This expertise is available by the hour, by the day, or by the project to provide the resources to solve problems.

One of the first responsibilities of a consultancy is to understand the needs of the client which sometimes even the client has not correctly identified because they lack the understanding and expertise to correctly examine and analyze the problem in depth.

We view part of our role as consultants to be assisting the client to fully understand the problem or problems that brought them to us. Solutions that work for one client do not always work for another. We ask questions first so we fully understand our client's needs and capacities and then work to help them develop the strategies and solutions that are best for them.

To do this, we have assembled a team of overachievers who have proven expertise in each area of chattel finance and related areas. Where it is important, we require industry specific knowledge of those undertaking assignments. These consultants are available both on site and electronically as the situation dictates.