The Rishel Group is a nationally known consultancy in the manufactured housing, RV, and marine industry. Since 2000, they have served over 8,000 customers from Maine to California and have won numerous awards and recognitions from industry trade associations for their excellence.

One of their unique assets is their management and staff have real expertise in the areas of their specialties. They have been involved in developments and turnarounds of manufactured housing and RV communities, and years of proven track records of marketing, advertising, and sales of manufactured homes, RVs, vehicles, and marine craft. Further, they have extensive experience and expertise in the chattel financing of those products.

Much of the customer base are actually industry providers, but both depository and non depository chattel lenders have also sought assistance with both set up and corrections of lending operations. Many credit unions and banks have chosen to utilize consulting services to help them correct problems in their manufactured home lending portfolios.

In 2006, increased aggressiveness by federal regulators mandated the consultancy create new resources for retailers, RV parks, and land lease manufactured housing communities to help them deal with state and federal compliance burdens. In 2010, new regulatory extensions created several new compliance requirements adding to the need for expert assistance to meet those requirements. More recently, both state and federal regulators have made compliance with Fair Housing and the American with Disabilities Act more complex and difficult while making exacting compliance critical for all concerned. The Rishel Group has stepped up to become the leading industry authority in meeting these compliance burdens.